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    New Rolex Clasp - Details

    The Rolex patent No 11/248904 shows the functionality of the new Rolex clasp:

    This clasp comprises at least two branches (1, 2) articulated on one another via one of their respective ends. One of the free ends of these branches (1, 2) comprises a lever (12, 22, 33) articulated about a shaft (10, 20, 32) parallel to the articulation shaft (3) of said branches (1, 2) and fixedly attached to a hook (17, 27, 33c), the other of the free ends of these branches comprising a coupling element (4, 34) shaped to allow the hook (17, 27, 33c) to engage therewith, to keep the branches (1, 2) in the folded position. The lever (12, 22, 33) comprises elastic means (15, 25, 37) to exert a torque thereon and abutment means (13, 23) to limit its pivoting, under the effect of the torque, about said shaft (10, 20, 32) in a position corresponding at least to the engagement of said latching hook (17, 27, 33c) with the coupling element (4, 34), in which the elastic means (15, 25, 37) are under tension, such that the lever (12, 22, 33) must pivot against the elastic means (15, 25, 37) to engage and to disengage the latching hook (17, 27, 33c) of the coupling element (4, 34).

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    Wow...thanks for sharing!

    It's amazing how much more complicated and obviously difficult to manufacture the new clasp is!
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    New Clasp

    Thanks for sharing. The new clasp is definitely a long overdue improvement.

    I'm a big fan of Rolex, yet, Rolex can still take lessons from other brands whose bracelets are far more substantial, better looking and better finished, IMO, in price ranges that are lower than Rolex. For example, the steel bracelets that Breitling and Ulysse Nardin produce.

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    RE: New Rolex Clasp - Details

    Fantastic elmar, thanks so much for posting that.

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    Is this the same as the new GMTII clasp or entirely new?

    This looks similar to the GMTII clasp pictured above, but there does not seem to be a hook on the bottom plate. Are there any more schematics?

    Thanks for posting.

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    RE: Is this the same as the new GMTII clasp or entirely new?

    elmar: fantastic informations in every language -- great job, thanks!
    Gruss, Klaus

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