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The only RO annual calendar…

Not only does the Royal Oak turn 50 year, there was also a RO-themed sale this past week at Phillips that saw record prices achieved for this iconic watch. We are delighted to offer this stunning Royal Oak annual calendar, as we believe the only annual calendar to ever be offered by Audemars Piguet.

The blue grande tapisserie dial is in superb condition with the date around the outer edge and an unusual month indicator sub dial at five o’clock. The annual calendar can differentiate between months with 30 and 31 days and so only needs adjusting one a year on 1st March.
The watch has a red date hand the months with 31 days in are in red text on the date dial. The 36mm steel case remains in outstanding condition as does the integrated bracelet that would fit a wrist size of up to 18cm.

This funky AP comes with the print out of a digital extract that confirms that the watch was sold in 2000. The 36mm Royal Oak packs a big punch that we love – you can read more about our thoughts here! The automatic movement has been fully serviced by our watchmaker.


- Reference 25920ST
- 36mm steel case
- Serial E363xx-490xx-05xx
- Blue grande tapisserie dial with date and months
- Integrated bracelet to fit a wrist up to 18cm
- Calibre 2224/2814 automatic movement
- Print out of digital extract from Audemars Piguet
- Fully serviced by our watchmaker
- One-year mechanical warranty
- Includes a handmade leather watch pouch
- Free worldwide Fedex Priority shipping

Der Preis liegt bei €41.900,- inkl. Versand