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    Lächeln New Explorer II & GMT II - C Comparison

    I just finished comparing the new Explorer II and the GMT II - C

    The Explorer II debuted at the Basel 2011 show and the buzz about the watch has not died down. The increased size to a 42mm case, the updated luminescence, Paraflex shock mechanism for the balance wheel, and of course the orange hand, make the Explorer II stand out from the rest of the Rolex line.

    On the left is the GMT-C and on the right is the Explorer II. The case thickness between both watches is very similar with the GMT-C being 12mm and the Explorer II being 12.45mm. The Explorer II case is slightly longer as it is wider being 48.70 long versus 46.38mm on the GMT-C. The image does not adequately capture how the Explorer II case has more of a curvature than the flatter GMT-C case. The weight of both watches is very similar with the GMT-C being 145g versus the Explorer II being 150g (weighed with two links removed from the watch strap).

    One of the chief complaints on the traditional GMT and Explorer II models was that the Twinloc crown was too small to operate. Rolex answered that criticism by adding the larger Triploc winding crown found on the Submariners.

    Rolex answered the small crown criticism on the new Explorer II by fitting it with a larger Twinloc crown, the same one that is found on the Milgauss. Although not as water resistant as the Triploc, it is still plenty water proof and easier to operate.

    There is more to the review and more images posted here. All errors and omissions are mine, so feel free to point them out.


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    Sea-Dweller Avatar von Volcano
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    Thank you. I like them both - and the ExII a little bit more ...

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    Nice comarison, at this time i prefer the EX II, may be due the fact that the EX 2 is new
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    Gruß aus dem Sauerland!!

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